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What to Avoid in Your Social Media Marketing


To avoid losing your potential clients and to maximize the return coming from these social networks sites. You must avoid the mistakes that are commonly doing by most of the real estate agents. Below you can see the list of some of the mistakes that agents are commonly doing.

Remember that Facebook profile page is for your friends not for business. As I have observed that more and more real estate agents have had their profile pages, probably containing their personal information together with business information. It is not right to post your personal information publicly if you are an agent, especially if you are posting your wife, children, grandchildren or relatives pictures. The solution to this problem is by creating a password real estate social media post ideas group for your personal information, doing that will make your profile page unsearchable in Google. Facebook does have a fan page and marketplace area where you can post your home listings, open house or any real estate marketing information. Having posted in there it will appear publicly and can be search in Google in this way you will have a chance to improve your search engine ranking.

Users not want to read real estate materials every day. Social media members are interested to meet and have a conversation people of their same interest. Print and web advertising are different, but most of the real estate agents are committing this kind of mistake. They are using social media same as of what they do real estate social media post ideas in print media feeding people with a bunch of real estate marketing materials that they are really not interested and want to have. Each and every advertisement have its own purpose, social media is based upon engagement, while print media is designed to create awareness to people.

A huge mistake in inviting others to be your fan. I think this is the biggest mistake that the agent must avoid, to create fan page to his/herself and invite others to be their fan. Do not self-promote yourself, when you send someone that telling them that you became a fan of yourself, it is just like you are relaying a message that telling them “hey watch out and read the testimonials I made for myself”. The brilliant idea to do is using your Facebook fan page in posting information about the particular market that you are serving, why they should see that area and how good is life living in that area. In that way you can get more real estate clients.

There are plenty of ways when it comes to social media marketing, ways to get it right and wrong. These little tips of mine hopefully will help you to think through your social media tactics. Generally, these social media mistakes will serve as your guide in your recent and future social media marketing.


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