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What Are Some of the Best Kept Beauty Treatments?

When the term ‘anti- age’ or ‘anti-wrinkle’ comes up, maybe the terms that you think of are Botox? Face lift? Creams or serums?

If going under the knife is too drastic, and creams and serums just aren’t working, there are still options open to you. These options may not necessarily be widely recognised, but they are proving to be some of the best kept beauty treatments.

The first of these treatments is proteins. Restoring proteins back into your skin can help to promote growth of healthy skin cells, and restore your skins natural elasticity.

One of the most effective anti-ageing proteins is ‘albumin.’

Albumin, a form of protein found in egg whites, blood serum and milk, is a water soluble protein that can be coagulated by heat.

Albumin can also be found in plant and animal extracts and is an effective anti ageing treatment as it replaces proteins that would usually be found in blood serum.

Albumin protein is found in the skin, and the highest levels are present in the first ten years of our life. These levels slowly decrease as we age, and we lose our youthful looking skin.

Albumin also contributes to replicating the dead skin cells that build on ageing skin.

Albumin proteins are also found in plant and animal extracts, and have several other functions; these are the transportation of nutrients and waste, the binding of toxins and heavy metals and the prevention of red blood cells sticking together.

Albumin is also used in surgical procedures to patients experiencing low levels of protein, to help raise these levels in the blood.

The primary use of Albumin in the past was to treat burns victims and to treat patients who are in shock due to haemorrhage after surgery.

Replacing the albumin proteins lost in the skin can help to rebuild the skins elasticity. These proteins contribute to healthier and more youthful looking skin.

Another effective anti wrinkle beauty ‘secret’ is hyalauronic acid, which is used as dermal filler in the facial area to stall the ageing process.

Skin alone does not protect itself from UVB damage; tests have proven that a deficiency in hyaluronic acid in the body can mean the premature ageing is more likely to occur.

Hyaluronic acid is proving a quick and effective treatment that may be over in as little as fifteen minutes. This treatment is becoming increasing popular because it is non- invasive and can be done in so little time.

Like all cosmetic procedures, Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, carry a small risk. Making sure it’s the right treatment for you before you start is essential. There is a much slimmer chance of a reaction because the body already produces the  增肌儀 chemicals, making it a much better option to take. It also means that the chances of an allergic reaction are very slim if not rare.

The treatment may be uncomfortable and can cause some swelling and bruising which should subside shortly after.

Mark Smith – Years of experience in biomanufacturing and process development. Areas of interest include bioproducts used in drug formulation and drug delivery. Applications of interest include  Growth platforms and Albumin.


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