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Samsung LCD TV: A Product of Cutting Edge Innovation and World Class Quality

LCD televisions for the past few years have dominated the TV market and has accounted for more than half of the TV units that have been sold worldwide. This market, which is somewhat new, is being fought over by many electronics manufacturers and leading the pack is Samsung. A Samsung LCD TV has been known to be of good value and is synonymous to quality and performance. There have been millions of Samsung televisions that has been sold all around the world not only because they provide superb and exceptional imaging quality, but because they are also very stylish, slim and lightweight, and also meets the demands of every consumer.

Long recognized as a great force in TV manufacturing and production, Samsung’s first dabble in LCD technology came with a partnership with Sony. They then produced LCD monitors before manufacturing LCD TV, perfecting their design and engineering along the way. Today, the Samsung LCD TV is the brainchild of years of research and development and has been the benefactor of numerous innovative advancements resulting to stunning clarity, rich resolutions, and striking aesthetic designs.

To be able to provide this quality output, every Samsung LCD TV has been engineered to produce 16.7 million of colours so that it can provide the most natural and vibrant images. A host of other features and technology installed have allowed the Samsung to create a visual wonder with smooth flowing image transition and deep contrasts for a more vivid and detailed cinematic experience.

Presently, Samsung has a five series line-up on their LCD televisions, and each series have their own sub series, and screen display sizes. In the latest Samsung line-up there are 33 different models, which cater to a variety of needs. At the entry-level series, you will find a variety of models under the series 3, and series 4. They are HD ready and provide optimal quality at a very affordable price. This is the model line-up for those that want a great looking TV, with top quality performance and without the need to spend a lot of cash. samsung au7700

Going up a notch is the series 5, which is the entry-level for the HDTV Samsung LCD TV that features 1080p resolution. It is a powerful performer, with its full HD capability and also its enhanced multimedia connectivity. A variety of sub series can be found under this series which increases in features and options. Representing the premium level of Samsung TV is the series 6. The top seller in the Samsung line-up, this series provides a plethora of options for various uses including internet connectivity and browsing. It has a sophisticated aura blanketing it and shows a distinct class with its timeless design.

And for a more advanced model, the series 7 is the Samsung LCD TV that is given the latest in TV innovation, 3D. This is the newest in LCD technology and many manufacturers have joined the bandwagon. The 7 series Samsung has an unrivalled picture output that is unbelievably stunning and awe-inspiring, it is a new home viewing experience that can make you change the way you look at a TV.

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