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My Network Marketing Website – The Company Sets My Network Marketing Website Up, Am I All Set?

When I started mentoring people. I worked with many very excited people and they said yes I have a website. Now, 95% of the time, which also matches the failure rate where people can not get their business off the ground, only had the company replicated websites. What made their website different from all the other reps in the company? Not a thing. The basic sites were thrown together, and yes they may give you a choice of a few templates. Also in many distributor agreements it says you can not use the company proprietary virtual office information on your site, or you risk losing your account and not have any way to get your money back. The sites may all look the same and only your name, phone number and maybe they include distributor number and email address on the site. Now this is where I will take a brief moment to scream and say those are not good websites, yes making orders from there are good, but it does not make you any different from others in your company.

When I talk about websites and I really talk about how you can build your business faster and bigger, there is one thing that you need to do. You need to become a leader, and brand your leadership in business for you and your team. Really everyone should brand their own business. Now, I need a television, and I love Sony TV’s. I have always had luck with them, so do I look for all the Sony stores? No. How many Sony Stores do you have in your community? Probably, none. Now, let me show you that you really have many Sony Stores, but the owners branded their businesses and you would not know they were a Sony Store. First one is Best Buy. Well, yes, they are their own company and sell many manufactures, but you know the store by the name Best Buy. A second is Target! And a Third is Wal-Mart. Now, to take branding one step further, go to Wal-mart Super Store in the groceries. Walk up and down the aisle and see all the Sam’s Club products, which is really Wal-Mart. Who makes them? Well the Soda is bottled by major soda company. So you want to publicize your business and not the company. If I worked for Wal-mart and told you I was Sony, you may go So you want to really promote you.

At the same time of branding you, you become a leader. In the same case, when people say they are going shopping how many people say I am running to Wal-Mart? A lot. Why, because they have become a leader is so important. A leader will show the way, will prevent delays and will also watch so that you do not waste money on the wrong things. So do you just want to be a sheep and follow others or be the leader to get things done?

Now, with your websites, you do not want to put thousands of selections on a site, because that will lead to confusion and people already will have some skepticism on why they should trust you. You want to start to build the relationship with them that you and you will have to give people information on what the benefits of your product is. Again, you narrow the scope of your products so that you can be talking to specific people on how you can help them. The more products you pitch, makes you look like you are more concerned with the money. You can have many websites, but tell them specifics on why they need you and your products.


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