DJ Drama Mixtapes Are How the Artist Made His Name

DJ Drama is a Jamaican artist who serves as the official DJ for rapper T. I. Over the course of his career, he’s had several successful singles and pictures to his name. However, the thing he is most commonly known for are imlie Today Episode the many DJ Drama mixtapes that have introduced fans to some of the hottest tracks in all of rep.

The mixtapes produced by DJ drama have been probably the most successful ever in the mixtape industry. The two most commonly known are Dedication 2 and the entire Gangsta Grillz series. Both were highly acclaimed by fans and critics, and Dedicated 2 was even called one of the best 10 recordings of 2006 by the New york Times.

Although he primarily works together with rapper T. I., DJ Drama has collaborated with some of the biggest names in rep. imlie Today Episode  He appeared on the DJ Place T mixtape Down South Slangin’ 59 on tracks with Soulja Slim and Juvenile. Their own mixtapes have included performance and production appearances by artists such as Kanye Western side and Asher Roth.

DJ Drama has only been on the hiphop scene for a few years, but he’s already become an award winning influence. He was nominated for the honor of DJ of the Year at the BET Hiphop Awards. In 08, he took home the title of Best Mixtape for Hood Generals.

Some artists use mixtapes to keep fans interested between pictures in order to get their name out before they have the deal they want. DJ Drama mixtapes haven’t only gotten the artist’s name out to the public, but they have been the matter that has made him a staple in the hiphop industry. His tapes have featured some of the hottest artists in the industry and have made him one of the most in demand DJs in the business.

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