Guinea Pig Hutches and Runs – What To Think About

Guinea pig hutches and runs are very important to guinea pigs. Hutches are bigger versions of cages according to some people and to others hutches and cages are identical. Runs are add-ons that allow the guinea pig to – well, to run. Actually saying that they are very important is an understatement. It is essential to the guinea pigs well-being that he has a good strong, safe, and roomy home.

When you purchase or build the hutch, don’t make the classic mistake of looking at it from your point of view. For you, the hutch allows you to contain the pet guinea pigs where you can find them easily. They need a hutch that meets their needs for recreation, procreation, sleep, eating, exercise and play. Allow 6 square feet for the first guinea pig and about three-quarters more for each addition pet. This means 10.5 square feet for two and 15 square feet for three.

For your convenience there are some things that you do need to think about. You want a hutch you can easily clean and that you can reach into effortlessly. This makes life as a pet owner more pleasant for you. It is human nature to avoid tasks that are difficult to carry out if there are limitations built into the task. If you get a cramp trying to filch the water bottle out of the hutch to refill it, you will put off that necessary duty.

That is enough about what a hutch should be. It is fun to think about what hutches and runs could be. The designs are only limited by your imagination. You can have hutches and runs custom made or even make them yourself.

A series of cages interconnected with runs and with a second storey that the guinea pig can access by walking up a ramp would be pleasurable for your pet. It would also be entertaining for you to watch the cavies playing. The main thing you have to watch out for is the flooring. It should  먹튀커뮤니티   be solid so the piggies don’t hurt their feet and legs on grids and wire floors.

Some people put their hutches and runs outside but this is not ideal. Hot sun is hard on the little creatures and they can quickly dehydrate. Also, they are too easily attacked by other animals such as foxes or even cats and dogs.

You could have a run outside for them and carry them out for a little outside exercise in the run and then take them back into the house to their main hutch and run after a couple of hours.


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