How to Get A Ukraine Marriage Record Via a Professional Ukrainian Translation Agency

If you are getting married in the Ukraine, getting access to a marriage record Ukraine can be a tough task, especially as there are numerous formalities to be completed for this purpose. If you were to approach a consulate in the normal manner, the process could take several weeks to finish. If you want a fast method to obtain the marriage certificate, leveraging services of a Ukrainian translation agency is the best way out.

Services You Can Obtain

Many of the Ukrainian translation agencies also provide translation packages, which not only help you obtain a marriage record Ukraine but also help you out with various legal requisites as well as ensure that all translations as well as documents are correct to conduct marriage within the Ukraine. All you have to do is to send in a request for marriage to the requisite Ukrainian translation organization and you should expect to receive a quote on the same within 24 hours. Most agencies will take as few as three business days to complete the entire process of marriage record Ukraine procurement, legalization, translation and notarization for your purpose.

Additional Services

There are also several Ukrainian translation agencies, which provide legal advice as well as consultation  Business in Ukraine services if you are a foreign national wishing to get married in Ukraine. These agencies will also perform 100% accurate translations into Ukrainian perform Apostille as well as legalization of these documents so that they can be used as comprehensive legal documents for any purpose in future.

Documents to be Furnished

If you intend getting married with a Ukrainian citizen in the country, certain documents will need to be furnished as part of the marriage record Ukraine procurement process. You can contact the RAGS authority in the Ukraine to assist you with applying for marriage to a Ukrainian national. The applicable laws of marriage are as per regulations of the Ukrainian Family Code and relevant law amendments.

The set of documents, which you will need to furnish include the:

– Translated and notarized first page of your foreign national passport

– Your birth certificate with due authentication by means of legalization or Apostille from your country.

– Document ascertaining your applicable marriage status at present. This also referred to as no impediment to marriage certificate or single status affidavit. This document has to undergo Ukrainian translation and certified by an appropriate Notary in Ukraine.

– Divorce decree or annulment of marriage or death certificate of spouse for the cases of those persons previously married. Again, these documents have to be authenticated in your own country either by means of consular legislation or Apostille.

By leveraging services of a Ukrainian translation agency, you can receive the marriage record Ukraine as well as get it translated, notarized and certified to make it a legal document.


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