Human Consciousness and The Gateway Experience by The Monroe Institute

We have all heard of meditation and finding inner peace. In recent years, a push towards increased awareness has come about. The most prominent institution involved in this awareness training is the Monroe Institute. Their revolutionary Gateway Experience is a journey through your psyche that is a once in a lifetime experience.

The Gateway Experience came out of the Monroe Institute’s Gateway Voyage program. This program is available in single CD sessions or as full sets. Each step through the Gateway Experience builds upon the prior steps. The resulting destination is an increased awareness and consciousness in several areas. This series has six distinct steps or processes.

The six processes are as follows:


  1. Discovery
  2. Threshold
  3. Freedom
  4. Adventure
  5. Exploring
  6. Odyssey


The Discovery (wave 1) of the Gateway Experience introduces you to “Focus 10” and other mental tools you can use. The destination for the client is to experience levels of consciousness that you have never experienced before. Awareness of your body and internal spiritual balance is the focus. Each successive wave takes you deeper into your inner self to create an awareness of yourself.

The Gateway Experience is a method of healing and universal oneness that we all strive to achieve. When you take the voyage, you end up at a peaceful place and in harmony with all that surrounds you. In this way, you are able to achieve a state of mental strength enabling you to deal with problems and stress in better ways.

It is the belief of the Monroe Institute that roofing contractors monroe la  this also helps us heal our bodies physically. Once we are in tune with our bodies and the universe, we can heal ourselves. Crossing that threshold allows us a level of freedom unknown before. Mental and emotional healing is possible as well.

All of these awareness levels are accomplished with the Gateway Experience through an out of body experience. This can only be described as outside of the known time-space continuum. The developers at the Monroe Institute have spent years on the Gateway Voyage and the Gateway Experience to bring you the best zen program in recent history. The Gateway Experience is one of the crown jewels of the Monroe Institute.

There are no prerequisites for the program except for a desire to be more aware and conscious of yourself, your body, your universe and your mental state. By the time you reach the end of wave six (the Odyssey), you will be at peace with yourself as well as all that surrounds you, physically and spiritually.

The Gateway Experience program can be purchased step by step or as a set. People who have taken the journey have written to the institute and described their experiences and how their lives have changed as a result. If you are even curious, you owe it to yourself to look into this life altering journey to increased awareness. You can feel better, be better and do better once you do.


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