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Cheapest Electricity – How Do We Get It?

At this stage we are totally dependent upon electricity. Every aspect of our lives requires this form of energy and we cannot live with out it. Electricity is produced from burning fossil fuel. But fossil fuel – as a natural resource – is becoming rare and its extraction is becoming more and more complicated. The immediate outcome of fossil fuel scarcity is the high prices of electricity. That is in addition to the polluted environment caused by the burning of the fuel. All the above have brought to a situation where people are looking for better alternatives for cleaner and the cheapest electricity. This has become a real universal trend.

Burning of the fossil fuel should be restricted not only because of it becoming rare, but also because of the damage it causes to our environment. Dangerous and harmful gas is emitted while fossil fuel is burnt. Exaggerated exposure of toxic gases has lead to global warming and greenhouse effects. Today people are stressing more on environment friendly materials, in order to push the threat of global warming away. There are several different types of electricity utility suppliers in the market and all of them claim to provide cheapest electricity..

There are a few possible solutions, which can help you tame the rising electricity bills. The use of home electricity generators can definitely help achieving this task. There are several different types of renewable power generators, which are capable of managing your electricity bills each month. In addition, the pollution free nature of these power generators will not do any harm to the environment. The different types of power generators are solar panels, wind turbines, thermal energy, hydro power and a few others, but solar panels and wind turbines are widely used across the globe, both by commercial and residential properties. These two power generators can help us get the cheapest electricity.

Solar panels: This is a popular form of extracting energy from a natural resource. The energy in sunlight gets trapped by the photovoltaic cells of these panels and transforms the energy into electricity. Installing multiple panels Online Electricity calculator will help you to retrieve substantial amount of power.The prices of the panels are dropping constantly and have become affordable to most people.. Usually, the prices of the photovoltaic cells vary from $3.00 to $5.00, therefore, if the rate of the solar cells is $4.30 per watt so it will cost you around $172 on 30 watt solar panels. The scrap cells or panels are also popular, because it will cost you much less money while purchasing, therefore it will provide you with cheapest electricity. You may even get less than $3.00 per watt with the help of scrap photovoltaic panels.

Wind turbines: Wind turbines are considered to be the most ancient technology of power generation. They were used on agricultural farms and propelling sailing ships. There are wind turbines for both commercial and residential purposes therefore you can choose according to your requirements. Usually, the price per 10 kilowatts fluctuates around $48,000. It is recommended to build these generators at home in order to save substantial amount of money on installation. If you construct wind turbines at home, you can definitely save up to or more than $200.

Simply by mounting these two popular power generators you can achieve cheapest electricity. Calculating and comparing the rates with your current electricity rates will make a clear picture of savings.

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